Property Owner Governed (POA)

Pawleys Plantation is governed by Pawleys Plantation Property Owners Association. (PPPOA).  
South Carolina law is very specific about the information that a seller must provide to a potential buyer and when.   The law (Section 27-52-200) requires that the seller must provide the buyer with a written disclosure that says that the property being sold is in a community under the control of a Property Owners Association. The package of information must be given to the buyer within 10 days of written notice of a pending sale.  
Included in the package are:
1.   The bylaws and rules of the association
2.   A copy of the declaration that the property is part of a Property Owners' Association. 
3.   A dated statement containing:
  • Contact information for a principal contact for the association.
  • The amount of regular assessment fees due for the property, also any unpaid fees related to the property.
  • A statement of any part of the property or unit that is covered by association insurance.
  • Information about any modifications to the property that violate POA rules.
  • Information about any pending litigation between the association and current owner.
  • Statement to be signed by the buyer, acknowledging that they understand the amount of fees they must pay the association and that failing to pay those fees gives the association the right to place a lien or foreclosure on the property.
  4.  Current operating budget for the association.
  5.  The Association's most recent annual financial statement.
If all of the above information is not provided to the buyer before a contract is signed, the buyer has the right to cancel the sale.
How to order a resale package: